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Articolo 1

Two hundred golden, gleaming hulls,
gathered on the fringes of the
Vak’Atioth system. Amarrian arrogance
had mandated the use of such a small
force. They did not expect resistance.
For the Amarrians, this was to be a great
day. It would renew faith in the
Reclaiming, a faith much needed. For
weeks they had been advertising their
intentions to crush the Jovians; flooding
communication networks with
propaganda proclaiming their people
the chosen of God, rightful owners of the Jovian people. Vak’Atioth was not a primary system within
the Jovian Empire. It lay upon the edge and contained only various small research facilities. It was,
nonetheless, here that the mighty Amarr Empire had chosen to show the Jovians the undeniable
might of their squadron, a force that didn’t even approach the full size of the great Amarr Navy.